PlayStation 4 Motherboard Cable for Sale: PS4 Fan Cleaning, Thermal Paste Replacement, and Cable Repair

Recently I cleaned out a PlayStation 4 that sounded like a jet engine. I needed to clean the fan to reduce the sound and also stop the CPU from running too hot. I followed these tear down instructions.

While in there I also decided to apply new thermal paste. I probably didn’t need to do that but figured, I’m in here might as well do it now. I also replaced the CMOS battery. It’s nice it was just a standard CR2032 (3 volts).

While disassembling the beast, I also managed to yank out part of the cable connecting the motherboard to the power supply. oopsy! I ordered a new cable online. Put the whole thing back together again and now the ps4 runs silently again. Hooray!

I have left over cables and since ripping out the cable is a common issue, if anyone does the same as me, shoot me a pm. I have a few extra cables I’m happy to sell for $5 each (local Vancouver pick up at VHS). They are 4-pin connectors and look like this. If you need help with your PS4 send me a private message or post here and I’ll give you a hand at VHS on any Tuesday open night.