Plant cuttings


I grabbed a few of the plat cuttings left at the space a few weeks ago.
Left them in a vase of water for a few weeks and finally got them properly planted today.



Does it have a name? :slight_smile:


It’s a Golden Pothos!. Those came from Baptiste (thanks Baptiste!). Mine is rooting as well. Looks nice @steveroy.


I’m a big fan of the Pothos, they’re shaping up to be my favourite plants.

Mine, in July:

Mine, now:


Are you feeding that thing at all or is just naturally an insane growing machine?


Just water! I also repotted it, so maybe it got some more nutrients that way too, I don’t know how plants work


Just pour Scotch in there. Plants like that. No Canadian whiskey though.


Wow, they grow power supplies as fruits! No wonder they are popular :stuck_out_tongue:


At what point does the USB port grow in?


Proud mama


wow! amazing! is that a philodendrron?

edit: derp. I zoomed in. Pothos. Looks so healthy.


That’s the mother plant-s for those cuttings!


It’s children are doing well :slight_smile:
Thanks for providing the cuttings