Planer holes issue


I was working with planer trying to get a right thickness for top of a workbench yesterday. Bottom of the piece was completely flat and sanded before. Imagine my surprise when me and Mike find a deep grooves there. So apparently someone drill a holes in the support holders and metal had a little bulge which was causing an issue.
I piled down and sanded as much as I could and it worked fine right after.

Big shoutout for @Gibbtall - your planer pipeline worked out just great!


Aww, thank you for that!

The planer used to have a sacrificial board on it, but it was removed because it prevents it from folding closed.

I’m sorry that the holes had some hight to them, I hadn’t noticed but thank you for fixing it!


No worries it wasn’t a big deal! I ran it both sides and any way it will be sanded.


Ohhh, I didn’t even notice those, good find. Thanks for cleaning up the problem. Glad to hear you were able to get it working smoothly.