Plan for the beaver room

Several member have put in quite a bit of work and now the beaver room is almost cleaned up, Lets figure out what to do with it. Had a few conversation about it with peoples, and there are some interest in turning it into an audio visual room. What does everyone think about that.

Personally, I would love to have a sound dampened room for audio recording. Clean background for photography, and if possible, I would love to paint a corner green for a green screen setup.

What is the interest level on this proposal, I would love to hear some feed back.

The furnace room is looking a lot cleaner than I’m used to seeing it, and it would be great to maximize our real estate for something other than storage, but I have some concerns about inadequate airflow in that room, especially since the door to that room is a fire door that we have to keep closed (because of the furnace, the room was built to have a 1 hour rated fire separation from the rest of the building.)


I’m not keen for using that space for audio-recording and a dedicated green screen area unless it’s something a large number of people are interested in (i.e. for max use of space)…and I don’t have the sense that is the case at the moment. Also agree with John re: air flow. If anything would like that space used for member tote storage which we need more of.