Physical VoIP Phone or ATA


It’s been over about 15 years since I’ve worked much with VoIP, and I’m wondering what I should buy these days. I need a physical phone at my cidery that can receive calls (from our existing Twilio-based IVR) and also make outgoing calls over SIP. I have solid wifi and can also run an Ethernet drop.

A hardware VoIP phone from Grandstream (are they still around?) or similar would work. Even better would be an ATA that supports a vintage touch tone phone that I already have. It has a physical bell ringer and I suspect not all ATAs can put out enough current to ring those.

Any recommendations on products, brands, or where to buy? Anybody have any used gear they want to trade for some cider?




I have a setup at home that uses They have great setup pages for most devices

This stuff works really well these days. I ported our home number to from Telus and now use a ring group so calls rings on all phones then divert to voicemail. Voicemails are emailed out as mp3. also has short dial between voip devices.

We use a Cisco ATA at home with a cordless base station (3 handsets) plugged into it (has a second port on the ATA but I don’t use it). I also have a grandstream voip phone on my home office desk just because. I have a polycom phone on my desk at work in Burnaby that I can answer and make home number calls from. The grandtream is handy to be able to make/receive calls while the ATA port is in use.

Every so often (once a month max) I have to power cycle the ata otherwise everything just works.

I will update this post with the model of the ATA, it was about $50, I think it was an SPA112.

Independently I have an asterisk setup using old Cisco PoE handsets (converted to SIP). This isn’t connected anywhere (yet) but the kids use it to call around the house.

You could bring it by to try if you liked.


Thanks! I’m going to buy that cisco ATA and give it a shot.


Confirmed, ours is an SPA112.