Phone case is fraying (Pls see pics). What to do to strengthen it?

I bought a flip case for my phone. I’ve had it for two months now.
The corners and edges are starting to lose their coating/thingamajiggie.
What can I do to at VHS to strengthen the frayed parts and prevent other parts from getting damaged?
Please see pics here:


it does not look like the seam is ripping, it look like the thin vinyl that is use to cover the cardboard on either side is disintegrating. You best option is to glue a piece of reinforce fabric over the edge using contact cement, like an elbow patch for a jacket. We do not have contact cement at the shop unfortunately (i believe), but they are not super expensive, mostly sold as shoe glue.

I just picked up a tube of ShooGoo; which is more flexible than contact cement. I can bring it by if needed.

Thanks, everyone. I applied superglue to the edges/corners. I plan to paint it with a Black sharpie soon