Phenomenal Progress at VHS today (Feb 16, 2019)


A veritable army of hackers descended on VHS today and did some bang up work. Observe!

First, @Petetheviking did an incredible job and completed the remaining portions of the pseudo subfloor!


This enabled @kleenpwr and @Majicj to rebuild the electronics/soldering benches and set everything up ready for use!

Member Tote Storage was relocated and fully set up just on the far side of the electrical panel.

A new row of Arlink benches was run along the opposite wall, making lots of space for people to work!


The complete set of partially broken windows leftover in the space were relocated to the furnace room:


Which cleared space in the newly established welding area!


Finally, in an incredible burst of enthusiasm, the second tier of orange pallet racking was constructed, and @Petetheviking built an entirely new set of shelving for it in record time!


Truly remarkable work all around. Look at how much room we have in the main area!


Thanks to @Petetheviking, @dbynoe, @kleenpwr, @Majicj, @laftho, and @lukecyca for investing so much personal time in making VHS awesome!


Looks amazing!!! Thanks so much everyone!


Congrats, and thanks everyone!


Is it still okay to temporarily store type trays in the furnace room? Conscious of space in there also now that the windows and also server rack is in.


Wow peeps! Amazing job Thanks so much!!-