People born in 1981 and earlier (40+) can get the AstraZeneca COVISHIELD vaccine at eligible pharmacies

People born in 1981 and earlier (40+) can get the AstraZeneca COVISHIELD vaccine at eligible pharmacies with vaccine supply in the Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island, the Interior and Northern B.C.

Last updated: April 19, 2021

for those who are concerned about the risk, may I present the following info-graphic:


Weird. I registered on April 11th as my age group could then, my wife was able to a few days later. I got the email (from the Provincial Govt) saying they would contact me when it’s my turn to book an appointment. Now it seems you can book directly with a pharmacy…

Yeah, I’m quite confused by that too. Why aren’t they using that registration list as stated?!

the booking and registration with the province is for the mRNA vaccine (pfizer/moderna).
via thee pharmacy, you can get the AstraZeneca vaccine.
unfortunately a lot of news regarding very rare blood clot has put a hamper on the wide adoption of AZ.
hence the info-graphic of reassurance

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I fall within the 55 to 65 group and thought I would get the AstraZeneca - though I don’t really care what one I get, I’d just like to get vaccinated.

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if you don’t want to wait, then consider finding a local pharmacy and book an AZ appointment instead. I am not a doctor, but it seems like the risk for male population is even lower.

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I don’t feel particularly worried about the vaccine. That said, am I the only one that finds that infographic to be hilariously terrible?

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I’m worried about falling down the stairs on the way to get the vaccine. :smiley:

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In your opinion, is it confusing? If it’s not conveying the low risks of vaccine as I intended, I should get rid of it.

Maybe it’s just me, but you have to spend a good amount of effort to grasp the metrics since it’s not immediately clear that they’re listed as per-year stats, and they’re for things that people already don’t have a good mental picture of their probability to begin with. Not to mention the only one that’s easy to read is that I’m 11 times more likely to get serious side effects than getting hit by lightning, not sure why they included that one.