Particle Mesh referral code?


I’m thinking of ordering a couple of these Xenon kits, and the debugger, to see if I can get to run on them:

Does anyone have a referral code they’d like me to use?

I’m thinking of using them as a controller for a mechanical keyboard. Is that reasonable?


It’s a late response, but if you still need a referral code, you can use mine:


Done! I used your referral code. Here’s my code, in case you haven’t used one already, and they allow us to refer each other:

Which board did you order and what kind of project do you plan to make with it?


Thank you! I’ve ordered a bunch of boards: 3 Argon, 10 Xenon. The preorder prices are really attractive. Also I’m considering adding 1 Boron but don’t really want to pay much for cell traffic and the multi-gateway mesh scenario is not clear. I don’t yet have any detailed plans for them but on a high level I want to create a “smart home” environment with motion sensors, weather sensors, LED lighting, etc.


They’re here!

So far I managed to build the firmware.