Parade of Lost Souls 2019

Thought I would gauge interest for something related to the Parade of Lost Souls this year. The new location of the space is literally a stone’s throw from the typical parade route which typically starts around Britannia Community Services Centre.

For anyone unfamiliar, the Parade of Lost Souls is a community-based event that happens around Halloween and features music, costumes, food, and art:

Nothing official yet, but it is probably the evening of Saturday, October 26.

This could be a great opportunity for a workshop, some sort of art installation, and/or a chance to show-off the cool stuff people can do at the space.

Thoughts? Ideas?


I love this idea, but SWIM (someone who isn’t me :wink: needs to project-manage it! :slight_smile:

Looks like it is the following week:

Title: Parade of Lost Souls 2019: S.O.S.

Date: November 2nd, 2019

  • Parade of Little Souls (7-8 pm , same as last year)
  • Parade of Lost Souls (8-10 pm same as last year)
  • POLS After Party (Wise Hall, same as last year)

Write up: Turn your minds to the sea, smell the salt, feel the breeze. The Parade of Lost Souls 2019 is Marine Themed. S.O.S. Save our Souls echoes through the streets. Dive in. Hold your breath. Float and glide on the waves. The water is on our minds and in our bodies and we will both celebrate and grieve it together in the Parade of Lost Souls. Because, If we are lost, then we are lost together. (Cuddy/Keelor)

Do we have enough lead time to do an appropriately spookified Project Hackenburg build for this? I’ve already ordered 12 of these balloons

I mean, obviously we should build Project Hackenburg, and dress it up to look like ghost ship. Obviously.

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In retrospect I should’ve ordered some of these balloons in white or black instead of VHS Approved Pink…

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Some kind of underwater sunken ship deal would be pretty cool at the space - especially with Adam’s jellyfish-like spores all over the place.

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Or a Jellyfish?

A tethered lighter-than-ar jellyfish with lighting and no RC/control complications would be pretty good :slight_smile:


Portuguese ma o’wars are beautiful… just sayin

Also, the giant balloons I already have are pink…

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Count me in, also my birthday :slight_smile:

Who wants to start designing a Portuguese Man-o-war mantle to ride over top of a 1m diameter Helium balloon?

HELL YES! also if want to set up in my back yard I’m having an open house and we can walk it over to the parade. I’m at 7th and Nanaimo