Palm sander velcro pad worn out

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Hi all,

The Bosch palm sander (Model ROS10) needs a new velcro pad. If anyone is going to KMS tools anytime this weekend, could you please pick one up? Bosch RS034 5" Soft Backing Pad - KMS Tools

Summit Tools might have these too, but I’m not sure.

I’ve attempted to glue new velcro onto the old pad (I left it to dry overnight on the main table). If you need to use the sander today, please trim off the excess velcro and mount the pad back on the sander, and let me know if it works.


We replaced this last time about 2-3 years ago; any idea why they are wearing out so fast?

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People using the wrong grit size and getting impatient with the sander i am going to guess.


Ya agree with Yeung. I have this sander at home and it’s solid and takes a lot to show any wear so I would absolutely think it gets tons of use and people are pressing heavily on it to speed things up.

Edit: what would help here?

  • more ed on sander stuff?
  • a more heavy duty palm sander?

This sander definitely sees heavy use, so 2-3 years is a reasonable lifespan for this sanding pad. Sanding pro-tip: remember “don’t go too smooth to soon”.

If you want to spend less time sanding, make smaller steps between grits. Eg. Instead of going 80->220->320, you’ll be done sanding much faster if you add a few more grits in between eg 80->120->180->220-320.


I picked up a couple of new velcro pads for the sander from Summit Tools. I’ll bring them by the space tomorrow.