Pallet Jack - Can anyone loan theirs for a week?


VHS needs to borrow two pallet jacks for a week to help us move. Can anyone help? If so please post here. If not we’l have to rent some. Thanks!


I suggest buying a used one of craigslist. They are handy to have around.

For example $200 Craigslist Pallet Jack - Richmond


$300 Pallet Jack Surrey


Could also ask one of our Venables neighbours if they might have one we could use for the day as well.


just rent from down the streeet of new vhs:


I think buying a pallet jack to move pallets around even after we move in is a good idea.

I will chip in $100 to a new or good used pallet jack.


i am more thinking along the lines for a push behind lift. we have no use for that on a regular basis

edit: looks like we probably borrowed one from science world last time


We had 2 last time. I know one was borrowed from Science World.


We probably can’t count on Science World this time, they’re in the middle of a big exhibit change