Painting the Hackspace interior

Hey everybody,

I’m leading the charge to get the space looking good for the open house. I’m going to be painting today, (Tuesday) all day, wednesday evening, and all day Thursday. Everyone is welcome to come down and help out; there’s a lot to do.

On the wish list, in approximate order of priority:

area at top of main stairs (DONE)
main stairs (DONE)
lounge walls (DONE)
lounge ceiling (DONE)
the ducts - deep blue in lounge,(DONE) silver in the rest
laser cutter wall - bright yellow (DONE)
Wall facing lounge (DONE)
Side entry walls (DONE)
wall by woodshop (DONE)
3-D printer wall (DONE)
bay door interior (DONE)
walls in DMZ - (DONE)
walls in woodshop (DONE)
west wall (DONE)
Front door step - grey alkyld enamel
main space ceiling - (DONE)
the kitchen - (DONE)

If you’d like to help out but you’re afraid of doing it “wrong” ask me for a crash course. It’s not hard to do if you have some pointers. For example: La is quite new to painting but did a beautiful job on the laser wall with a very challenging colour today.

As Tristan very aptly put it yesterday, if we’re going to put in the work to make the space look nice at some point in our tenancy, why not do it in time to make a good first impression on a lot of people?

Thanks everybody.

Oh yeah… the areas where we’re painting will be in disarray until this is completed.


I just want to shout out a huge “That looks amazing!” and a “Thank you for all the work!” to M Janet, La, Tristan, Sage, and I know there must be more, but I do not know who the entire team was. Please add any names I have missed, everyone deserves our thanks.

The space looks, well, “Wow” doesn’t really cut it. I love the labelling of the areas!