Orphaned Projects


I found the following items above the multimeter shelf.

A Bus Pirate stuck to a wooden board.

Makeshift arcade-style controller. Labelled Shane Burgess’ video game. (Possibly @shane?)

They’ve both been up there for a while. Does anyone here know to whom they belong to?


I think that’s a finished project, and whoever just didn’t want the bus pirate to go missing.


The Buspirate belongs to VHS. I think Tom donated it.


That other project is @Shane’s. He hasn’t been around lately but please do not toss until we can try and contact him.


Thanks for checking about the arcade controller. Anyone can feel free to use it or take the parts from it. Of course the buttons can be reused, but there was also an Arduino Nano with a screw terminal breakout, and an RS232 board, or which a similar one might still be next to the Teensy on the LED wall. The two RS232 boards are to provide a serial connection and 5V power over a long ethernet cable, so they should be kept together in order to be useful. More info here.


Thanks Shane! Hope things are good with you.


(1) Bus Pirate is very useful for Protocol Reading & Embedded, so it’s a KEEP!

(2) Thank you Shane, I wanted to try the RS232 boards & Arduino for controlling the Scorbot.


Looks like the Bus Pirate should migrate from the board into a labelled box.


imo keeping that on the board is a good idea as it is less likely to get lost/junked/wander. What do people think of hanging it on a hook in the electronics area or putting it in the box with the multimeters?


one of the precious stuff locker maybe?


You are welcome to experiment with it, but as we are not voting to toss it, please try to keep it at the space.


I’d like to keep Shane’s controller setup together for VHS rather than it being taken apart. Shane used that with a video game that was played on the LED wall and it was a great way to engage people with that setup. Just the sort of thing we need for world create day, SHHH, and other events.


@janet - agreed. Shane made if for VMMF to use with the LED wall. It was a good social experiment as there were no instructions. Kids figured it out quickly, adults, no so much


Agreed. Mimi, don’t you have some good CAD files for a laser cut acrylic game board controller, could it be adapted to work with this?


A long time ago (near when the laser was first set up) I crafted a 4-player controller. While I don’t think the whole layout would be useful, the individual sections might be useful to use.

I dug this up from the old VHS email list.

arcade.zip (117.9 KB)


The bus pirate was a donation from me. It worked last I checked.


Thanks @ninetynein - it’s great we have one at the space. Much appreciated. Did you make it at Tom’s workshop?


I did! I believe it was one of his famous SMT workshops. There’s something really satisfying about soldering surface mount components.

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