Organizing our Tools Wiki page


Hello, I’ve gone over a lot of minor changes, but it’s about time to tackle a big one. Since I am not familiar with every area and every tool, I would like to consult with those more experienced than I on how we should move forward organizing our main page for our tools and goodies.

Currently it is rather disorganized, with missing / retired tools still listed, while tools we definitely do have don’t yet have a page. I am determined to categorize each one, though I will need help from area champions.

However, the first thing I would like to address is the display. I think with our new space it would make more sense to organize tools by area, rather than our current system of “automated, stationary, 3D print and Crafting” I think this would help new and old members alike find and use all the great tools we own, and we can really sell the space to the public.

There are also tables below which seem kind arbitrary and temporary. (portable drills being listed alongside computer equipment)

Do you think this tool section should stay the way it is? Or be reorganized by area? Or do you have a better labeling system you are just bursting to share?

  • Yes, change our equipment listings to area (Woodwork, Metalwork, Crafting, etc)
  • No, Keep the listings as-is (Automated, stationary, 3D print)
  • I have another suggestion for organizing

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You can check out the tools page so see how the skeleton has been organized so far, input would be appreciated, especially regarding the electronics section, where we have a lot of listed, but unlinked gear, and I don’t know what it does.