Opensource Home Automation on Indigogo

This is not my project, although I have backed them, so I have vested interest in seeing them meet their goals.
This seems like a great project, I don’t know why more people haven’t signed up for this:

Looks like its based in Delta. It would nice to see these local guys succeed.

What does it actually do?
What are people to do with this?

Why not just get this?

More information here

I guess they are taking care of a lot of the integration of software as well as the promise of an app that integrates with their device. I’m sure its all stuff that could be DIY’d but they are taking quite a bit of the work out it.

The NanoPi is pretty amazing at the price too.

They Running Home Assistant. I didn’t see anything else in the description.

Home Assistant runs on the following Hardware

I would choose the [Odroid-XU4] If I wanted more power.