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Hello , I’m new to this board. I found it online while I was looking for some computer experts.

The reason I’m posting is because I’m trying to learn how to do a reflash of my CPAP machine.(

Part of this has to use OpenOCD to change some things… I have never done anything like this… and usually break the cell phones I’m trying to repair… so it’s kind of important I do it right.
If you aren’t familiar with this procedure, basically what it does is unlock all the features in the reamed airsense 10 CPAP machines.
The machines hardware are all identical , but they limit function and change the name of it and charge thousands of dollars more. It was developed during covid because these machines can be used as ventilators with little modification .

I’m getting the parts together… I’ve got the stlink and the tc2050 should arrive soon, and I just gotta go to one of the local shops to get the male-female breadboard jumpers.

Is there anyone who is familiar with this kind of programming? I’d really appreciate the help, and would make it worth their while with some moonshine or homegrown .

My email is edwardhanna83 at Gmail com or you could text me at 365-3362(Vancouver area).
I live on commercial drive and I think it’s close to the VHS space.

Thank-you very much

Hey @Edward_Hanna you seem to be following some instructions that you’ve found online somewhere. Can you post a link to them.?

openocd can be a tricky beast to use, I might be able to help you.

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