OLED lego brick ... just ... wow

Design is not open sourced and no word if the designer will open source it. But I think there is enough skill (and equipment) at VHS that it’s possible to reproduce. (video opens the fun part, but the video shows the complete build process).

Code: GitHub - AncientJames/uGrey: Micropython native module to display greyscale on a monochrome oled.
OLED: “The screen is a 0.42” OLED, available from aliexpress"


That is awesome.

I love all the 3d printed jigs. Also, my soldering never goes anything close to that easy LOL

I ordered four of those oled panels and two panels mounted on breakout boards for prototyping. (eta: feb)

I’ve never made silicone molds, anybody willing to make one like the one in the video? (I can provide a sacrificial lego brick if needed)


I’ve seen progress updates on this pop a few times over the past year it’s so cool! I’d love to try making something like that some time. I need to learn to make molds.

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