Old X-Ray Spectrometry Equipment from UBC

Hi all, thanks to our favourite @fish we have some cool old scientific gear at VHS to salvage for parts. This is a set of rack-mount controllers for the x-ray spectrometry equipment made in the 80s in West Germany, and comes to us from the Quantum Matter Institute at UBC. I brought the equipment here to salvage a smorgasbord of useful high quality electronic parts.

I’ll be chipping away at dismantling these over the next week or two. I’ll sort the good bits into the parts boxes in the electronics area. The leftover e-waste will go to the Hackery for recycling. The scrap metal will be sold to North Star Metal Recycling (all proceeds to VHS, of course).

There’s some cool stuff in here, so I’ll share some photos in the following album as I make some progress:


That’s awesome. Thanks for taking the time to do this and make all the relevant bits happen (hackery etc.). Really looking forward to seeing the cool things you find in there.


There was a perforated aluminum panel that would make for a great heat vent for my project. Please don’t dispose of it. I’ll come grab it this weekend. Thanks!

It might be in the aluminum recycling bin underneath the woodshop CNC machine. I’m not taking the scrap metal away until I’m done dismantling everything, probably the end of next week.

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