Old server rack

What’s the status of the old server rack? The last I heard anything about it we were going to sell it. Is that still the consensus? What was our asking price?

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tristan and I were just asking those same questions.

Didn’t it get put on craigslist? I don’t think there were any takers. I’d shuffle that along now…maybe see if Free Geek wants it.

rumor has it the last time it was listed it was 150 bucks…no takers…

Should we list it again?

If someone wants to take it on that’s cool imo.

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personally i say we re purpose it into something else or just get rid of it. free list, scrap it.etc,

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I think @Jarrett still has the original listing with photos that can be relisted.

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Ok. I’ll reach out to him to see if he has that info still, and then I’ll post some ads.