OK to diassemble (store) the Arcade game near Lounge (TV) and Robot Arm?



In order to make space for a homemade CNC lathe (conversion work in progress), is it fine to
diassemble (store) the Arcade game near Lounge (TV) and Robot Arm? It can accommodate a max. workpiece length slightly larger than 3’.

Or donate it to some Science World/museum/hacking study?
Please let me know what you think.



Are you talking about the pinball machine? If so no this not ok as this is a members project. Please talk with them first @SteveRoy


Thanks Luke!
Hi @SteveRoy, is it ok to disassemble the Pinball machine and store it on a shelf?


It’s named and dated as a member project (@KevMacD & @SteveRoy). I’m pretty sure they said they would take it away when it was done (ie: it’s not a donation to VHS).

It’s been there nearly a year now so we should find out from them what their plans are with it.

Would love to hear more about your CNC lathe conversion. That would be super cool to have at VHS!


Manual Lathe for CNC Conversion Attempt (may not be extremely accurate, will learn as the conversion proceeds):


Just so I understand, this is a private project that you’d like to bring
into VHS?

And you want to convert this to support CNC?

That’s a big ask from the VHS community. We’re already pressed for space,
with folks discussing expanding the woodshop for the new jointer and planer.

Do you have a timeline on how long you expect your project to take? How
many square feet are you requesting, and how many months would you want

Speaking personally, I feel space is already pretty cramped and we just
don’t have the room.


This looks like a wood lathe, why not build a fourth axis for the wood cnc in the workshop? It could be pretty easy to addon to that and build it into the table itself.


“… I feel space is already pretty cramped and we just
don’t have the room.”

When is the following point reached: “Too many tools, no more space for member’s projects” ?

Is the next Space larger? Or should the hackspace do a “cellular reproduction move”, i.e., create a Woodwork Hackspace, and a Metalwork Hackspace, etc…, through splitting, each functioning on their own, with their own membership and physical spaces?

Or is the pursuit of being (potentially, equipment-wise) all things to all people the primary goal of the VHS?


Are you sure you can’t make space available for your project by reorganizing and cleaning up the existing stuff in the space?

Like, back in the day the Vancouver Hackspace Amateur Radio Club didn’t have any space and they wanted room for their stuff. People complained about us running out of space and I thought that was just dumb because I went into the space, cleaned some stuff up and made a full nokia bench for them available. Everyone was happy.

And like the time we were running out of laser cutter material storage and people wanted implement processes and policys to police the storage of materials. I said fuck that, cleaned the space, reorganized and just built a better storage rack to reclaim some unused space. Everyone was happy.

Hell, I built the laser material storage thing at the new space and it’s been pretty good at allowing everyone to keep their materials in a compact place.

I’m just saying their is probably a way for both projects to coexist in the space. Do-ocracy ting.


Thanks everyone for your input and suggestions!
I feel we can make space by rearranging the Electronic Components-Screws-Consumables storage area (image attached) by:
(1) Increasing the number of shelves (Bins on floor occupy much more space than on shelves)
(2) Increasing the shelf height
(3) Combining redundant storage bins
(4) Cleaning

Other avenues include:
(1) The large footprint tools can be on wheels (Thanks Stephen), moved and rearranged easily!
(2) Vertical Storage and Common Mounting Base: Have common base for “Lathe” like tools; when the lathe is not in use the lathe can be disassembled quickly and stored vertically. The common “Base” can be used to support/mount other tools such as Plasma Cutter, Metal cutting laser (another of my dreams: Fiber laser replaces Router Head when needed, but enough of dreaming!).

Thank you!


All I can add is keeping more noisy/dusty tools back by the woodshop and away from common workspace desks and the kitchen is important IMO.