Oct 9 2019 - Laser Cutter out of order - FIXED

The laser PC RAID hard drives appear to be missing.

LCC Committee has been notified

Am I reading that right? Someone has removed the hard drives from the PC that runs the laser or are they just not recognized? I’m hoping this is a maintenance issue and not just someone helping themselves.

missing-according-to-the-computer - they are still physically located inside the case :slight_smile:


Hooray! Thanks @jon. :smiley:

I was able to rebuild the RAID10 and it is now restoring the mirror back onto the failed drive. If this happens again then we should replace the drives. Better yet we should have another standby computer for the laser.

Here’s some documentation of what I did:



Apparently the drives used are SSDs. I thought “hard drives” was meant literally so I was wondering why the computer is still using HDDs instead of SSDs.