Now Open to Members Every Thursday 6pm-9pm!

Not a Keyholder yet? I will now make sure every Thursday from now on is open from 6pm-9pm.

Hopefully some other keyholders can expand on these hours! If you’re a keyholder willing to open the space, let’s make Thursdays a consistent thing so that Tuesday nights aren’t the only time to drop by.

I’ve got a couple ‘group build’ projects I’m thinking of hosting, so I’ll run them on Thursdays and post about it on here. Sometimes I’ll be busy but I’ll bring my work there then and at least open the space.


You rock Tristan! Thanks for taking this on!


Thank you Tristan.

Would be nice if we had a weekly calendar or schedule that clearly outlines the times open to the non-key holders.

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Hi Igor!

We actually do, at the top of the page you should see a link to the “Events Calendar”, that has all the scheduled open times including the new Thursday hours.

Also, keyholders often will open the space to non-keyholders, you can check if it’s open by visiting

Cheers, look forward to seeing you around!


Im totally on board to assist if need be.

Just a reminder that there is an event going on on this coming Thursday (dec 5th) using the center tables which has already been in the calendar for a week. It’s pretty casual so I’m sure we can all co-exist with an open night, just please don’t take up that area unless there is room. Thanks! It runs from 5 to 10 pm.