Nov 22nd: Wood shop meeting!


Well I’m posting this to see if there is any interest in starting up a formal committee for the wood shop.
Let me know if you can attend!!! All members welcome!

Location: Hack space
Time: 630pm
Date: November 22/ 2017
Topics of discussion include:

  1. how to start a committee.
  2. why do we need a committee ?
  3. dust collection, health, and safety in the shop.
  4. open floor discussion on using our tiny space until we move.
    5)open floor discussions.
  5. elections for committee.


Dammit, I’m away from the 17th to the 28th but would be happy to help out with anything that’s needed in the future.


I’m able to attend but if we want to wait for @hughl87 we can postpone


I’d like to join in on this!!


I would like to join in as well!


I expect to be there, but I probably cannot be there before 7 PM…




Sorry - out sick so will not be there.


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