Nov 16th, noon - 9PM: Fall 2022 Hackspace Cleanup

Hey All

There are a couple of events in the near future happening at the space and it will be a good time to do a general cleaning in the hackspace. I’ve put into the events calendar a Hackspace Cleanup of the space to help facilitate some of the cleaning efforts for both Culture Crawl and Ty’s Wedding.

Last year we had about 600 people come through the space over 4 days as part of culture crawl so helping clean up will go along way. And with Ty’s wedding following a few days after this we hope to maintain and orderly state for him and his guests.

For some of our new members helping out here is a great chance to meet some of the members in the space, learn where some of the things belong in the space, and if needed earn yourself a vouch for when you apply to become a keyholder. If you’re a longer standing member and you’ve had that one organizational/space saving project you’ve wanted to work on at the space now is as good of a time to get that off the ground.

And incase you didn’t see it in another post - i do plan to offer by way of random drawing one lucky volunteer member access to one of my cutting board workshops or a completed cutting board as thanks for anyone helping out with cleaning or tours during culture crawl.

If there’s one thing i’ve learned about the hackspace - its that many hands make light work! Hope to see you around next Wednesday!


Just bumping this! Come on down on Wed Nov 16th anytime from noon until 9 pm for a fun time throwing in together to tidy and improve the space.

Why join in?

  • While cleaning discover strange and wonderous things you never knew existed. (e.g. stained glass tools, lots of free batteries, the VHS seed collection, wood carving tools, leds, and much much more!)
  • Finally learn where everything lives
  • Score cool things to take home from the freecycling shelf. (e.g. mystery objects TBD)
  • Meet other members and pitch in to support the crawl and VHS artists!
  • Have fun



Bump! This is today! Come on down for some fun times anytime from noon to 9pm or later if you want. You’re coming out to this right? :smiley:

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huge shout out to the crew that has rolled through the space to help out today. I apologize if I missed anyone. it’s been a pretty busy day


Shout out to @Omid for tackling the washrooms! :raised_hands:t5:

Others that helped out
Amber M(Slack) for cleaning up around the laser cutter
and of course @Phillip_Ma for getting this all started!


Heya! I’m Avy on Slack, feel free to tag me properly if you wish! But yes, I was mainly in charge of cleaning up the mess room, and threw out 4 bags of expired stuff, and there’s still more that will have to go! I’m gonna be making a thread for people to grab their stuff that’s tagged


Sorry! Couldn’t catch them all! And truely @omid for taking that one for the team! What a boss!


Place looks amazing!! So much better!!!


The space is cleaner than I think I’ve ever seen it! It looks great!