[No longer available] Repair Medical Laser - Liability insurance required

A veterinary clinic has a 0.5 - 25W programmable laser that is used for medical treatment of joints, reducing swelling, speeding up wound recovery, etc.

The machine has stopped working and I have taken a look at it. I suspect it has a defective power supply based on the symptoms before it broke and the symptoms now. I have not opened the machine, but have done the usual external diagnostics.

As this is a medical treatment device, and it does have sufficient laser power to burn the skin, the clinic requires the person/company that will repair it to have liability insurance.

However, I do not have the necessary background (degrees, certificates, official training, etc.) to obtain liability insurance to cover my electronic device repairs.

The laser machine is an expensive device (new ~90k, used ~40k), which makes the repair of this machine a very well paid gig which will most certainly cover any costs of liability insurance if you need to purchase it. The manufacturer of the machine wants about the value of a used machine to “repair” it (replace it with a refurbished unit) and it comes with no warranty.

Due to the cost to replace the machine, the clinic is planning to discontinue the service permanently.

If you actively repair electronics as your job, or you have a related degree or training and are willing to purchase liability insurance, this is a good gig for replacing components on a power supply board. The issue is not related to the lasing mechanism.

Full disclosure: my spouse is the principal operator of the machine, I’m also trying to save her job.

If you are interested, feel free to text me 604-729-1764 and we can discuss the gig in more detail.


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