Ninjaflex 3D printer filament - Free

A bunch of Ninjaflex 3D printer filament was donated to VHS a few years back. About 80ish rolls. It’s been sitting under the main table for a while unused.

It requires a 3D printer with a larger 3mm print head which VHS does not have.

This filament needs to be dry to print well so would likely need to be put in an oven or dehydrator to print properly.

It’s taking up 4 large storage totes of space.

Free to anyone however it must be removed from the space. i.e. It cannot be stored anywhere at VHS.


Wow had no idea! I have done a small touch of flexible filament (TPU)but very much a noob. Best printed with a direct drive 3d printer (feeds at block header / print head) if I am not mistaken. My Ender was able to get through it, but not the nicest looking print.

Would the print benefit from an enclosure on a direct drive machine?

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Ah, missed that. That explains it. Not sure if I know anyone with that size printhead.

Apparently TPU is very popular right now for the smallest sizes of combat robots, so I’m checking with the local group that’s starting up here to see if there are any takers.


Last call on the Ninjaflex.

I have someone who is checking this out tomorrow who might be interested in the lot.

I can keep a bunch of rolls but would prefer to get rid of it all if its not going to get used.


Erk - yes, a few people from the robot competition want some - please set aside: 2x light blue, 2x dark blue, 1x red, 1x yellow, 1x light grey, 2x dark grey, and 2x black! Thanks!

ok I’ve filled one tote. Yellows gone. Rolls are not full so I’ve put some extra blacks greys blues inside. Please make sure this is removed from the space asap.

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Rest of Ninjaflex has been claimed and will be picked up by July 11. @TyIsI to cooridinate this.

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