New to the space - Headphone repair and cord recycling?

Hey, I just did a tour today and am stoked to get to know the space more and try and come up with some projects. I have a pair of nice Sennheiser headphones and one side doesn’t work. Since it cuts in and out a sometimes, I feel like it might be a loose wire and repairable but I don’t have experience with electronics and wondering if anyone could help.

I also have a whole ton of broken phone charging cords and wondering if there’s anything they’d be useful for for donation.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hiya @charliedangerface! Welcome to VHS!! It is pretty great isn’t it? We can definitely get you going with electronics and fixing your headphones. What I’d suggest to start is googling the model of the headphones with the word “how to fix”. Someone will likely already have done this fix already and will have some tips on opening the headphones up. I bet you’re right about the loose wire and we may not even need to open up the headphones. Then we can show you how to solder and heat shrink wrap the cord to keep it from breaking again in the same spot.

Thanks for the charging cord offer. If you bring those in they could go into the e-waste recycling (it’s on that big shelf near the giant led wall. If people need cable bits they’ll take those out of the ewaste and use them. Anything left over goes to for recycling.

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