New to the Principles of Unity: One Minute for VHS


As you may already know at the latest QGM we passed an addition to the VHS Principles of Unity. It is:

One Minute for VHS: When members are at the space in addition to cleaning up after themselves they will do a minimum of one minute for VHS on things that help us run. Examples include sweeping, taking out garbage, or anything else that helps the space operate.This helps us all!

This is great and just helps us keep on being even more awesome.

All you need to do is something that helps VHS for at least a minute every time you are at the space. This can be whatever you like - cleaning, updating Instagram, anything. What you do to help VHS out is up to you. No one is tracking who does what – it’s just a good faith thing and a little extra from everyone to help VHS along.

Thanks for being great and for helping VHS to be awesome!

For more info about how this came to be check out this thread.


Now that we are settling in to the new space lots of people have done much much more than 1 minute of work on the space every time they are there. That is amazing and things are really whipping into shape. Thanks everyone for your contributions, time, energy, and awesomenesss.

I remember when I joined up it was hard to know how to pitch in to help VHS so I’d like to encourage new members to do their one minute for VHS when they are the space. It’s a great way to meet people, start to get involved, and learn more about how the space runs.

If you’re not sure how to help, just ask someone who’s been a member for a while. It could be as simple as a quick sweep of the workarea, tidying the big white table, or taking away a bag of garage if you happen to have access to a dumpster.

Keep on being awesome!

Also check out this thread to see all the excellent things members have done for VHS.