New sign up questions - post tour

Not sure if this is the right place, but here it goes!

I was hoping to sign up. Just wondering if now was a good time considering COVID or access restrictions and such!

I already took the tour back in Feb 2020, lockdown hit right when I was about to join!

I guess my major questions are, is there still available access on Tuesdays and beyond for probationary members or is it more limited to keyholders? Obviously it’s a bit more difficult socializing and proving I am trustworthy to the organization in these times, is the process any different to what it used to be? I’d like to practice as safe as I can with respect to other members, not that I’m high risk or anything!


Hey, Covid restrictions are in place. We are only allowed 10 people in the building at a time. Mask on at all time, food and drink prohibited. There is a mandatory covid sign in at the door. Booking a head of time to make sure there is less then 10 people , the whole lot.

On the brighter side of news, space access for non-keyholding members have improved. You can see our open hour for non keyholding members here. Events Calendar - Vancouver Hack Space

There are still a lot of shop project you can help out with. Now is a great time to join.


Hey @Joey_Staunton - great to hear you’re interested in VHS!

I agree with Yeung. There are more hours now for non-keyholders. Also with the limited numbers in the space due to Covid…and the ability to book access and equipment like the laser online, you’ll find you have more space to work and more tool access because there’s never more than 10 folks in the space. I was in the space a few weeks back and had it almost all to myself on a Thursday night.

We’ve also bought some excellent new equipment during Covid including a new tablesaw with a sawstop, new mitre saw, new airbrushing equipment, plus other goodies…all made possible by our awesome members.

Just a heads up that right now it is difficult to do any training on specialized equipment in the machine shop (metal lathe,etc) as only one person at a time can be in there. In the meantime laser training is continuing (thanks Tristan/Jon/LCC) as well as tablesaw certification. And…we have a bunch of 3d printers that we’ve made available for members to borrow. It’s great to do those long prints at home!

Our slack community is very active also so that is a great place to ask questions and get to know people (for vouching) while we’re all having to social distance. It’s also been a great community during this crazy time!

No pressure from us to join up if you’d like to hold off, but know the space is active and people are working away on projects even with Covid. It’d be great to have you get involved.

Let us know if you have other questions.

Cheers and hope to see you soon at the space.



Thank you both @Janet and @yeungx!

Definitely had all my worries answered, much appreciated for the advice!

I will be definitely throwing myself headfirst in soon, just need to do some actual planning on the projects I have in mind!

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That’s great! Have fun planning and feel free to pm one of us if you have more questions about the space or membership in general!