New Member with donuts


I just joined and I’m wondering and hoping that some saint of a person might have some time tomorrow afternoon or morning to show me and my son around. Donuts will be involved.


Sorry for the late reply. I might be able to give you both a tour today in the morning, could you make it around 11, 11:30?




Perfect :smile:

Thanks Ignacio!


Will do thanks!

I wrote the phone number down so feel free to delete you last post if you don’t want it blasted everywhere.



Thanks again for showing us around Ignacio. It was very kind of you. Whew! So much inspiration in one place. Have a great weekend with the family.

(If anyone else is reading this message, please help yourself to donuts and if needed, please place a note on the box to let other people know that, like people, no donut should be left behind!)