New Member - want to shadow someone using the Pick And Place

Hi people,

I’m a brand new member, yet to actually physically come in for my initial tour. I mostly signed up to get access to the Pick And Place. Since I haven’t operated a P&P before, I’d ideally like to come in when someone else is going to use it, so that I can observe and learn. If anyone’s planning on coming in to use it on a weekend or evening and is willing to initiate me, please let me know. I’ll try to make the open house next Tuesday as well.

About me:
My professional background is in programming and security.
My other interests are painting Warhammer models, digital electronic design, and analogue audio electronics.
I like most kinds of music, but my favorites are black metal, witch house, rap, and trance.
I enjoy helping people learn about technical subjects. Ask me anything about programming, network protocols, applied cryptography, or software exploitation.



The Pick and Place machine is on it’s way to UBC.

fwiw it’s a fully manual pick and place. i.e., u-pick u-place.

You might chat with @myelophone if you’re close to UBC?

Oh dear, what unlucky timing with the pick and place, however I can bet that you world still have a great time doing other interests at the space. There’s a few people who like miniature painting, amateur radio, and a while bunch of electronics! Tuesdays are a great time to come in and say hi!

Heck, you’ll probably be like me and find out not that you can’t use the pick-n-place machine, awww darn, but that I didn’t need it in the first place!

There’s just so many darned cool things here but I just can’t recommend the pick-n-place!