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Hello VHS Community,

My name is Kyle. I am a new member at VHS and thought I should introduce myself.

Currently I am working on a PhD in Marine Science. A focal point to my work is developing new, inexpensive research tools to collect data on environmental issues like water pollution. Some of my recent projects include autonomous water samplers, ocean instrumentation that can be deployed from a drone, and underwater robots with lasers! Micro-controllers, 3d printers and laser cutters are my bread and butter to do this work.

I am excited to be a part of the VHS community! I look forward to learning and sharing skills, and to have the opportunity to explore some more creative pursuits.



Awesome. Welcome to VHS Kyle. Looking forward to meeting you down at the space!

Hey Kyle! I have/had plans of building long distance semi-sub drones. I’ve also got a history of remote monitoring systems for underwater environments. Look forward to chatting with ya over a beer!

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My friend of autonomous balloon-launched model glider fame has done some stuff with unmanned aquatic vehicles too, hopefully I can entice him in too :wink:

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I have an OpenROV 2.7 kit I’ve been slowly working on over the last few years. What type of ROV have you been looking at?

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Welcome Kyle to VHS! Nice projects you are working on, hope to get to know you better!

I used the OpenROV 2.6 kit to teach a high school robotics class a few years ago, so I know those little beasties pretty well. I worked as an engineer on research vessels for a few years and spent a lot of time with Ocean Exploration Trust operating the video systems on their Hercules and Argus ROVs ( Currently my fiancee and I have a Blue Robotics ROV2 that she built up and we have been modifying for different expeditions!


Is @SDY still hanging out on talk? He also used to build professional ROVs.