New Laser Tube and Water Chiller Installed - July 2022

New 90W Reci Laser Tube and 800W Water chiller have been installed.

The laser is back in action.

The new laser tube firing nicely.

New chiller is quieter and should be less of a pain to maintain

@lukecyca taking out the old tube prior to wiring up the new tube.

Unpacking the new tube

New chiller saying so long and thank you for your dedicated service to the old chiller.

The LCC has moved the Laser out from the west wall to make laser maintenance much easier. We also spent some time deep cleaning inside and around the laser.

The LCC is always looking for folks to be Trainers and help with cleaning the Laser Filters. Please help out.


Amazing! Thank you both for doing this. I hope more people will join the laser committee as it’s a great chance to learn how to do upkeep on a laser and contribute to the space especially for new members looking to build up vouching power. (edit: also I love how happy Luke is when opening the box full of shiny new tube)


Awesome work. I think buying a chiller vs hacking something together again was a good call.
The laser cutter is one of those tools that just needs to work and be reliable


Thank you for the upgrades and the awesome work :vulcan_salute:

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Ooh! Beautiful. Thank you for all the work!

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