New Laser Focus Guide

Hi Laser Users,

The lens on the laser was recently replaced. The old lens had a 20mm focal distance from the bottom of the laser head. The new lens has a 16mm focal distance. As such the old focus guides are no longer accurate. Using them probably won’t be much of an issue for cutting thin material, but may cause trouble with thicker material or engraving. I’ve recut a new laser focus guide with the zero measure to the 16mm focal distance.

One additional change I made (special shout out to @Imagesurgery for pointing this one out) is that the increments now go in 0.5mm steps rather than 1mm. This means that rather than having the focal point set to the bottom of the material, it will now be set to the middle of the material. So, for each 1mm of material thickness, the focal point will step down by half of that.

Here is the old guide:

Here is the new guide:

Here is the refererence guide for the new measurements:


its almost like it’s set in stone… thanks for the hard work on this!

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You’re a laser legend brad! Thanks for this :star_struck:

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