New at VHS - would anyone volunteer to give me a tour?

Hey guys, I’m a newbie at VHS and I was wondering if anyone would want to give me a quick tour/intro to the space to help me get acquainted? I live close so if you are planning on going in let me know and I can meet up - hopefully in the next week or so. Appreciate the help in these strange times.



Hi Lyn,

Welcome to VHS, glad to have you here!

If you’re already a member, you can sign up for a time slot on the Thursday (5-9 pm) or Sunday (12-4 pm) Open Hours for non-keyholders, and the hosting keyholder will be happy to give you a tour of the space. If you’re not a member yet, don’t worry; we’re working on getting a set of protocols for safely giving tours to non-members, and that should be ready within the next week or two.

In the mean time, if you haven’t already seen the high-speed virtual tour, it’s here:

What kinds of things are you interested in making? Are there any particular areas that are of interest to you, or that you want to learn more about?


Thank you for replying and OMG saw the virtual tour! That’s good enough for me, sold on every level. I’ll be by for the next intro session.



Oh just to answer your question. Right now I’m primarily into building (furniture and miscellaneous pieces). Mainly side projects to push my ability in wood projects. I dabble in a lot of things and I will probably start to incorporate different materials and skills as my time allows. I’d love to start doing some metal working as well - it sounds like you might be a good resource for that.



Fantastic! Yes, I think there may still be some slots on tonight’s non-keyholder hours, so once you get your membership sorted out you should be able to book something, either for tonight or Sunday.

I am the primary resource for welding and that kind of heavy metal fabrication, but there’s a few folks around the space who are also decent welders. and I’m currently developing an intro to welding course that we should be able to roll out pretty soon here.

Glad to have you aboard, and looking forward to meeting you!

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Hey Lyn

My name is Yeung and I primarily work with soft material at the hackspace. fabric and foam is mainly where i am specialized. I also run the T-shirt printing. If you need help on that front, give me a shout.