Networking a Condo building, bulk internet service


Are there companies in Vancouver that install condo building networking?

I am interested in the cost and advantages of condo building networking and not each carrier owning networking going to each unit. Can the condo negotiate bulk service from carriers at a lower cost than each owner buying individual service from carriers?


That would interest me too. But the problem in our building is that the conduit is full. At least that’s my understanding, after Telus “squeezed in” fibre cable.


How much does internet cost “in bulk”?
Also 3D cameras and VR-MR-AR each camera requires a couple of Gb/s speeds, that will quickly consume bandwidth.


There are several fibre vendors who can easily handle this, both from a
wiring, bulk rate and bandwidth point of view.

UrbanFibre first comes to mind. Telus, and others.

Though wiring a building if the infrastructure is not already in place is
usually a separate strata related project/issue.


Thank mirong,
Good to know Telus filled the conduit.


Our building is wiring to condos is cat3 and needs to be upgraded.

That is why I believe telus has selected our building for fibre upgrade.

I think if we let telus give us a free upgrade to fibre we are going to be locked into them, because our cat3 networking is the shit.


Looking for a company to replace our cat3 with cat6 or fiber.
Actually will need 3 companies, because our strata is moving to a 3 bid rule for contracts.
And have the ISP connect to our update wiring.

Rather that having each company come in and put in their own wiring, there simply is not that much room with so much duplicate wiring.


Which brings up the question of who now owns the coax/fibre cables? Shaw/Telus, or the Strata?


That cat3 telephone grade wiring is shared. (which I assume means strata owned)

I don’t know who owns the cable coax.




Tim, I cant believe anybody is using cat-3 still in condo’s …
When I was doing a structured wiring stint at TELUS it was common knowledge that beyond the “demarc” condo develops just put the cheapest crap in, with few outlets, to maximize profits … ultimately wifi is the better option.

I guess the better option is to buy Business Internet fibre with high capacity and higher “caps” and then resell that wirelessly to condo owners, or something.


I am not sure our condo wants to become an ISP. Wants to avoid copy-write notification and retention requirements.

Wireless may work, it would require an IT contract firm to manage the APs, and full coverage would require RF mapping.