Need training for table saw

Hi, not sure if this is the right location to post this (let me know if there’s a more suitable place). I’m starting on my van build/conversion and will soon be wanting to use the table saw (the jigsaw just isn’t cutting it for long straight lines in the plywood).
Is there someone who can do a quick training session with me? I’m planning to be at the space this evening (Tuesday) if that timing works with anyone who can do the training. (If not this evening, pretty flexible this coming weekend or Monday as well) TIA!

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Ill need some table saw training as well, to use it.


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Hi there! Could I also get training for the table saw? Also… CNC and jointer/planer table.

I see nobody’s responding here. I’m not able to train y’all but maybe post in the slack woodworking channel and someone might be able to help. Reuben trained me, you could try tagging him?

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We currently have a system in place to certify people that have prior experience to use the table saw and the jointer/planer. There’s been work to organize training, especially for the tablesaw, but it was first disrupted by covid, and now I think the summer is making it complicated to get it set up (I’m personally away for most of the summer). Your best bet is to post on the woodworking channel in slack, apologies for not getting this going soon, I hope that now that we’re more or less up to date with vaccines we get something happening soonish, assuming things continue to go in the right track

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Thank you @Nich and @3bien !

I will try to join the Slack channel and ask there

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@willphillips and anyone else interested, I’m available tomorrow morning at 10:30 to do the jointer and tablesaw check out for you.
Please confirm if you are coming. Ideally on slack.

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Thanks Reuben, you are awesome.

Hi @Reuben thank you for offering to show the jointer and table saw! Unfortunately I do work tomorrow during that time. I’ll be able to go to the space on Friday or the weekend however?

Thanks for trying to make this happen Reuben; unfortunately I also can’t make it tomorrow (or any day this week/weekend) so will hopefully be able to arrange something later next week.

Hey @Reuben sorry I haven’t been very available to set anything up (working/out-of-town). Is there any chance you could do the training sometime this weekend, or Monday or Tuesday? Also, @willphillips did you ever get oriented to those tools (jointer/table saw)? If you’re still looking for a training session, what’s your availability. I keep having issues with Slack, so for now, I’m more responsive here … or even more so to text, feel free to text me at 778-228-9871. Hopefully can figure out a time for the next week or so (I’ll be away Wed/Thur/Friday). cheers.


Thanks for responding to this thread @eastvanner :slight_smile:

I got trained up on the table saw by Nick last weekend. Was very kind of him to take time out of his day to do that. Still hoping to get trained on the jointer. I’ll be at the space tomorrow (Sunday 1st) if you’re around? Trade beers for training session? Or slip you some cash. Whatever works :slight_smile:

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Hi Will, glad to hear you got your table saw verification (I’m still trying to arrange to get myself signed-off). I think you misunderstood my previous message, sorry I wasn’t clear (I was trying to arrange a time that would work for Reuben to train us both), I wasn’t offering to give a training session on any of the equipment — on the contrary, I still need to be trained on any/all of the woodworking equipment that requires verification. I think I’ve finally got Slack figured out well enough, I’ll maybe just post there. But hey, give me a heads-up either here or Slack if you set up a training sesh, I’d be stoked to get trained on table saw, jointer, planer, router, etc. cheers.

Hi there. Just checking back to re-join the queue for wood shop training and certification. I thought I had figured out where to look for this, both on the VHS talk and the slack channel, but I’m still not sure I got it right. Keen to set up a session as soon as it can be managed. Many thanks, Lincoln

Hi Lincoln, yes I think you found the right channel on slack (I think I noticed your post there). I’m still hoping to set something up. If there’s anyone qualified to do the training, would you be in Monday or Tuesday, and what time? I’m flexible those days. Will try to post something on Slack too. cheers.

Hi folks! I’m also looking to be trained with the tablesaw and the jointer - keeping an eye out here and on slack for any news about training.