Need some help in fixing a remote control car

My daughter has a remote control car Fastlane that doesn’t work. The electrical motor intermittently runs when operating the remote control. is there someone who can assist me with his?

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post pictures or links to the make and model. Also if you are able to open it up and take photos of the inside people might be able to help here.

I know nothing about RC cars but this might be useful to narrow down the problem.

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It’s very unlikely this is an issue with the car’s electronics, as toy RC’s are so simple that if something was wrong there you’d get no drive at all rather than intermittent.

Looking at your photos, there’s corrosion (the green gunk) on the two right-most battery terminals - that’d be my guess at the problem. Start by cleaning the terminals to remove all signs of corrosion, and if that doesn’t work it may be that the wires are also corroded and need to be cut and re-soldered (we can definitely help with that).