Need large sheets of Baltic Birch Ply for laser cutting

In the before times I would go to Windsor Ply and get 5x5’ sheets of Baltic Birch, cut into squares.
Then the Ukraine/Russia war started and supplies in Vancouver seem to have dried up. I tried to hold out. Now I have one robot left and I expect it will sell any minute now.

I’m looking for 5 full sheets, quartered. WP has been sitting on my order for months. I have tried some of the local suppliers with no luck. Asking on FB also no go.

Other panel material they have is harder to cut and not as flat, making it (read: me) prone to accidents.

Do you have any or know someone who has any? The minimum size for my cuts is 30’x4’ (65x10cm)

Thank you!

Edit: 3mm (1/8") thickness

I might have a full sheet or two and have capacity to break them down. What thickness do you need?

just checked my stock, I have two unbroken 3/4” 5’ x5’ sheets and some smaller pieces of 1/2 that is cut down for a project but could be replaced with lesser quality ply

The 2x 3/4” sheets are nearly perfect? Might be a scuff or two around the edge from the random move

Thank you! I only use 3mm (1/8")

I haven’t been able to make to VHS for months, but there are potentially still some 1/8" sheets with my name on it. I don’t remember the exact size, or type of plywood, but they should have my name on it. Feel free to use them if they suit your needs. They were towards the back in the storage rack.

While I know this is a rush order, I do recommend seeking out for the future for changing your material; some domestic/North American produced products are starting to fill the gap of this specific conflict lumber. If you can, it is socially responsible to cancel your future order; as that decreases the likelihood/pressure for conflict timber to be routed through intermediaries and funding warfare.

I have liberated 3-4 sheets. DM me what you paid and I’ll cover you. Failing that when my Windsor ply order finally comes in I will replace your sheets. Thank you!

Anyone else with some ply to spare, please let me know. Same deal.


No need to replace them or to compensate me. I’m happy they finally got put to use!

Actually, if there is any left, you could do me a favor; remove my name, and put them up for grabs.

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