Need help with simple tshirt / silkscreen print

Hello everyone,
I’d appreciate if someone could show me how to make a screen and use the tshirt printing machine to make some simple black on white kids tshirts.
I know all the necessary steps but since I am a new member I need some guidance on how to find and what to use in VHS.
:v: :pray:

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Hey, I am the guy for the job. How many Tshirts are you making?

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Hi Yeungx,
Thank you for answering.
16 tshirts in total. In 2 sizes. The print is the same for all. I haven’t ordered the t-shirts yet.

For just 16 t-shirts in one colour, the photo resist method might be over kill.
You can probably do it with vinyl cut out taped to the back of a blank screen.


I agree. we will try it. I will be at the space this friday or saturday from 1pm to 4pmish. Are you free any of that time?

I’m totaly OK with.
It would be a good method to learn as well.

Friday is perfect. I can be there anytime.

@yeungx could you please update me on your schedule. I’ve got a couple of things to do tomorrow and would like to know when we can meet.
And what should I bring with me?

oh, i will be around from 1 pm to like 7 pm. see you there.