Need help with printing on shirt/heat press

Hello all,

I hope no one has evaporated in this heat :grimacing: :face_with_thermometer:

I need help with putting text on three t-shirts…Jacob (from Czech) showed me how to do this when he was working on his shirts, but I’m afraid I may get stuck or forgotten some bits when I get to it.

Wondering if anyone will be available on Monday, Tuesday evening or Wednesday to assist me with one shirt so I get the hang of it? Maybe possibly tomorrow evening…?

Tnx future helper :slight_smile:

Are you looking to silk screen? or use vinyl cut out?

I think it’s called vinyl cut out. When you upload a text or image on the computer and you print it and then heat press it.

i can show you how to use the vintage vinyl cutter and my vintage heat press.
if you want to use the nice fancy ones, you might have to talk to yeung.

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Not really fancy, it actually is really easy. I can show you next Tuesday from 5 to 9 if you want to drop by.

Ok, thanks @yeungx. I will drop by Tuesday evening, between those times. Tnx a bunch :raised_hands:

Tnx @xquared :raised_hands:, yeung will show me Tuesday. That day works well for me. Thank you though for offering :pray: