Need a help with my project (making prototype of LTA aircraft)


Hey here.

I need a person to help me to make a prototype of light-than-air aircraft. Need someone who:

  • Knows how to mold carbon-reinforced plastic
  • Familiar with 3D printing
  • Knows how to work and make things with Mylar (or metallized BoPET)
  • Handy and smart in general

Even if you lack some of skills listed above but still wants to get your hands dirty with interesting project, contact me.

Please contact me by phone 778-999-0747 to arrange a meeting and discuss details, your involvement and compensation.



I have a diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineer category Maintenance and Aircraft Maintenance Engineer category Structures. In total I have about 7 years of experience in the aviation industry. I use to rebuild Bell helicopters (heuy), work on De Havilland float planes, and maintain beechcraft turboprop passenger aircraft.

I can give you rundown on how to build composite panels and whatever other advice you might need.


Well, my project is definitely way more simple than Bell helicopter :slight_smile:
I don’t see here your contact information or ability to pm you. How can we discuss a project with you and the way you may help?


Something I’ve been wanting to do for a few years… :slight_smile:


@Niko_Skrypnik, I can’t speak for @toma but have you considered coming down for an open night? There just so happens to be an open night tonight. I fully expect you’ll find a wealth of knowledge and energy to inspire you to complete your goal.


I wish I could, that would be a way easier probably.
But too busy with may day job, pet projects and 4-months old son. Kido makes me especially busy during a night when I let my spouse to have a break from him.


Arrgh. Sounds really good and in some way resembles what I’m trying to accomplish. But my prototype is going to be in some way more complex than Hackenburg and going do be proof (or disproof :-))-of-concept for potentially commercial application. That’s why I’m willing to pay and concerning with public disclosure. But if it fails miserably we may always use parts to make Hackenburg :slight_smile: