My first Taig CNC Mill project

So having taken the awesome Taig CNC Mill class taught by @Gear105 I thought I’d put what I’d learned to use so that I didn’t forget.

To be honest I am a complete newbie and only managed to get this tiny project completed with a lot of help from @Gear105 @rsim and @Lukeo

I decided go ‘small’ and ‘simple’ by making a tile 1x1/2 inch square that is 1/8th of an inch thick that has a circle in the middle. Think of the game X’s and O’s. However in this case thinner did not equate to easier as I found out. You have to clamp your work piece to the mill. Live and learn.

You can see my Fusion 360 model here.

Pics of the finished tile are below.

I spent about 4 hours looking at CAM stuff in fusion 360 and asked a bunch of questions on our Slack MachineShop Channel. Brian happened to be coming in again the night I started this so once again I learned the steps with his helpful guidance. We also reviewed my Fusion 360 CAM setup. Each one is like a puzzle that needs to be figured out.

Another big test for me was flipping over the part and finding the centre before machining the bottom. Lots of help from Richard here. We tried a nice centre hole finder using a touch sensor but in the end Luke just eyeballed it! :slight_smile:

Anyways. Learned a bunch more and had fun! Looking forward to doing more.

Hope to see your mini mill projects!



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