Mural Fest 2019 - Art for VHS


I put the wheels in motion to find out more about Mural Fest and how to participate in it. This would be for the purposes of getting some amazing art outside on our walls. This would help to beautify the space and make us noticeable/memorable.

This is also a placeholder. I’ll post more information here when I have it for us to consider as a group.


That is awesome, thanks!!!


Have not forgotten about this…in the process of getting more info from the VMF peeps so we can make the approvals process of wall donation smooth with our landlord. More as soon as I know more.

Also when we apply to donate our wall to be mualizedl we can describe/suggest folks whose art style we like. As far as I can tell nothing is guaranteed but it’s good you can lean toward a certain style of art.

So take a look at the VMG website and if there is a style of work you like post a link to their work in this thread and I’ll add it to the application.


I’d like the idea of requesting something in the art deco style to kinda tie in with the badass window bars, if that’s possible.


Sounds good! It’ll also depend on what artists they have who apply so if you get a chance totally check out who did murals last year as a lot of those artists may reapply. Let me know if there is anything in there that feels like that.

The application form is pretty vague but for sure the more specific we can be the better and my hope is we can make some suggestions and thenwhatever VMF comes back with…we have a few examples for the membership to make the final selection on, and the LL can just approve it. That’s if we have that much control - still figuring that out. :slight_smile:

And…if you know of other cool mural artists please post them here. VHS wall donation might not even be accepted so we could fundraise and hire a professional mural artist instead. :slight_smile:


Wow - I am really amazed by the work of
I’m also a big fan of

Here’s a gallery of past murals from the fest:


Got some info from Mural Fest! Very helpful. Some possiblities here even though we are outside the zone.

"I’ll let you know a little more about our process. These fully funded walls are located within catchment areas roughly around our Mt Pleasant festival and street parties.

Your wall exists outside of those areas which gives us a few options. We can add your wall to a list and if funding becomes available on our end through grants and sponsorship, we’ll reach out. We can do private commissions if you can secure funding. We can offer advice if you take on a mural projects yourself (e.g. recommend artists, paint suppliers, etc.):

Property owners always have a final say in what goes up on their walls. However, since the art is free to them and not a private commission, they have very little say over the work itself.


Absolutely on board for whoever to go nuts on our walls. It’s all awesome.


Would it be possible to get the community grant or the arts and culture grant to be the funding?

brb researching:


I really like the idea of a mural.

I do wonder if significant work would need to be on the building shell before a mural can be realistically considered. The rear wall and the front widow frames are two areas that need significant work.

Also will we be opening up the side windows at some point? This would impact a mural design.


Colossal Makelangelo Spray Paint Patlabor Gundam Edition! Who’s with me?


Totally good points. Had thought about the building shell work and definitely agree on us doing that and deciding on windows before getting to a mural.

Edit: I get the sense Mural Fest folks can give us advice on building prep which we can incorporate into fixing the shell


Have you made a CNC spraycan trigger yet? :slight_smile:



I made one some time ago. If I were to do it again the actuation would be a solenoid. the slow moving servo causes a lot of (a) the gas to leak out and (b) paint to dribble down the side of the can. better to on-off quickly. HIT IT AND QUIT!


We might not be able to get some paint monies through this:

they even offer to prime the wall and supply anti graffiti coating! :open_mouth:


This is awesome. Looks like we could have some possible options to help fund.

So at this point before painting the space needs to make a decision re: windows or not and also assess the condition of the exterior for possible painting. Anyone have thoughts on that? I just have no idea on how to assess the wood rot on the back/condition of the sides of the building.


So here’s next steps as I see it:

  1. Assess exterior for condition/suitability/renos required
  2. Apply for funding
  3. Apply to mural fest


We can make the window issue a design constraint for the artist. the art will wrap around the areas of the window in such a way that if we decide to put window back later, it doesn’t take away from the art
murals doens’t have to cover the entirety of the side wall.