More free lexan and acrylic


Hi folks,

The guys that dropped off the large load of acrylic and lexan last time have some more. It’s free, but they are not able to deliver this time. Would the backspace like another load of acrylic and lexan? If so, is anybody able to pick it up? The shop is in Richmond. This is sort of an all-or-nothing deal, so please, no individual requests.

Let me know and I’ll pass on the info. This is sort of the opposite of the current space clearing threads, so think about where it would go first.



How big are these sheets?


Where are they located? Ive got a pick-up


They vary in size from 1’ x 2’ to larger. Similar to last time I assume, but I haven’t seen this particular batch.

@Big_Mak that’s awesome! They’re on 2200 Shell Road.

Is the group cool with this?



Yes, Thanks!


acrylics are always used. i don’t know about lexan. beggars can’t be choosers though. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


When does that stuff need to be picked up. PM me the details. I’ll need a keyholder at the space to help unload.


I can open up the space today between 12:30 noon/1:00 pm - 2:30 pm.


Can we do it tomorrow? I’m stuck hanging out for a truck all day today.


Tomorrow isn’t great for me.

Can we do it on:
(1) Friday late afternoon early evening (4 pm - 7 pm)
(2) Thursday afternoon (2 pm - 5 pm)


I can be available to help open the space and unload on Wednesday - what time are you thinking @Big_Mak?


2-3ish? if that works @JDMc if that doesn’t go, then Option 2 with @Rebel_without_Clause would be best for me.


Hey guys,

If there are any largeish sheets of 1/8" black acrylic or translucent white acrylic, can you set aside a piece or two for me? Is it in the loading bay or inside?



Does anyone know how thick the pieces of lexan are? Hoping to find 6 to 10 mm.


I believe so; the large pieces are in the loading bay.


I could really use some super thin clear material. 1mm, 2mm thick tops; heat formable and ridgid enough to hold its shape. I only need a square foot or so, if there happens to be any such remaining