More electrical stuff for your consideration


I have some more PLC related stuff to offer, along with sensors and miscellaneous. I will be at the Space tonight to drop it off. If somebody could be there we could do a quick review on what would be good to leave behind and what I should take back for appropriate recycling.

Also, I’d like to pick up my Ikea bags and one plastic tub used to bring the previous PLC loot last week.


Hi Steve,
Thanks to your equipment, we will have a CNC lathe (conversion of home made lathe to CNC).

I will bring the bags & tub today evening. I am listing the things (sorry got tied up with some other things) and sorting them so the cables and accessories are married to the appropriate devices.

Another dream projects are: Metalworking Laser Cutter, Plasma Cutter and Waterjet machining CNC!



I’ll be there around 18:45-19:00. I am bringing, among other things, a couple of slick500 cpu’s, a Siemens setup that might be complete (no cable or software though), and components that would be useful to build safety environment for machines.