Modular BMS Chips

In contemplating the space having tons of drill batteries, does anyone have practical experience with modular BMS systems?

A lot of the cool ideas that have been proposed would require ganging many batteries together. The plus side, from my googling last night, is that this is a problem that EVs have to solve, so there seem to be some BMS chips that help manage these problems, but they seem like a bit of a can-o-worms.


Oooooh I was at an Infineon BMS tech talk last week and they were talking about modular BMSs - I don’t have any practical experience but I can definitely send the slides over to you…

(I think it’s really cool and we should try to implement something if only to learn how the modular BMS systems work)


The presentation was too big so I had to upload it elsewhere…


Does anyone want to spear head this project. Ordering BMS, organizing the designs. I will be happy to help out but I don’t really know what I am doing on that front. I would love to convert our drill batteries into powerbanks for phones, robots, cameras or ebikes. Knowing how to wire them up would be super cool, and it would be a good use of our crazy amount of batteries.

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Hi folks - I’d love to be coordinating/spearheading this project!

I have a personal e-bike BMS based on VTC-6’s I got from @Brian_Stubbs which has been progressing sluggishly so hopefully I can take both of them ahead together.

I’ll make a post on the donations thread @yeungx!!

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