MISSING: DeWalt Router (reminder tools may not be borrowed from VHS)

Hi everyone, please be on the lookout for the DeWalt router which we have not been able to locate in the woodshop for several weeks now.

If you or anyone you know borrowed it or any other tool from VHS please return it as soon as possible, no questions asked.

VHS tools are not permitted to be removed or borrowed from VHS. If you need to borrow tools, please join the Vancouver Tool Library.

Here is what the missing router looks like.


If you didn’t know tools must remain onsite that’s okay, now you do, just return it to the woodshop and we are good! Keep on rocking.

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good news! the router has made its way back home!


Hooray! Thank you to whoever returned it!

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I overheard a conversation related to this the other day… sounds like it was an honest mistake situation.


I figured. I’m glad I gave the benefit of the doubt, though what is the best way to prevent this misunderstanding in the future?


This should maybe be part of new member orientation, somehow. Or something we mention to new and prospective members on tours?


Huzzah! Thank you to all involved in the recovery!

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Man, that’s a tough one, because it sounds like this was more of a brain fart thing than a maybe a sign on the woodshop door saying something to the effect of “Packing up? Remember to check your pockets/toolkit for VHS common tools so that they don’t go home with you.”

Another good measure could be to engrave VHS common tools with “VHS - vanhack.ca NO PAWN” Did this at CoLab when I was there and I think it helped to stop the tools from walking, both from absent-mindedness and from malice.