Mini Workbench for Woodworking

So this is my take on a woodworking mini workbench.

A mini workbench is typically a work surface that is placed on top of an existing table or workbench. It has the advantage of elevating the work surface above the average workbench height and, being removable, you can build in specific features that you wouldn’t necessarily want permanent in your (kitchen?) table.

I built mine out of a combination of the finest hardwood species of the Scrap variety. Namely, Beech (top), Alder (legs), Maple (moxon vise), Ash (wagon vise), Walnut (wagon vise), Birch, Hemlock, and Rosewood.

Here are the features I built into this one:

Ability to clamp the mini workbench to the table/bench for a more sturdy surface.

An integrated wagon vise that allows work holding a smaller piece of stock with the entire top face exposed.

A Moxon vise for general work holding. I designed it with clamping abilities for opening as well as closing motions. This allows for a strong hold by closing one side and opening the other side, pinching the stock at the edge of the vise as shown in the photo. This is base on the old fashioned wooden clamps.

I built in a shooting board as well. This is achieved by inserting a fence into the dog holes.

The same fence can be moved over to create a planing stop as well.


Fantastic build!! How does the shooting board work with just the fence? Do you have a registry for your plane sole? I’d love to steal that for my own bench (saving me valuable space over a full shooting board).

(Edit addition) I’m seeing it now; the registry is built into the top!


Exactly. I used the CNC to drill all the dog holes, route out the wagon vise cavity, and the recess that creates the registration for the shooting board.

One thing that I can already learn from this integrated shooting board is that the fence has to be a very tight fit in the dog holes in order to be effective, and it makes it a bit of a pain to remove.


Wow that’s a work of art Reuben. Very inspiring - thanks for sharing pics.

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Beautiful work! Looking forward to seeing what you make with this. :slight_smile:


Wow this is great! I’ve been wanting something like this for ages. Where did you get the hardware for the wagon vise?

It’s designed and built from scratch. So hardware for everything was a 1/2" screw from Home Depot and bolts & washers we have at the space.

Lee Valley has a Veritas wagon vise for about $100. It didn’t really work for my project.